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Date: 08/11/2022

Terms and conditions

Before starting to use the Teresa Ledo Arquitectos service, carefully read our Terms and Conditions. To use the website or subscribe to services via platforms

online, you must agree and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy associated with the Teresa Ledo Arquitectos service.

Legal Information

The company Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda is a limited liability company headquartered at Rua Principal, lot 2, Bairro das Amoreiras, 7570-139 Grândola, with NIF 516951335 named by Teresa Ledo Arquitectos.

Description of our services

Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda is a company that provides the following services:

– Architectural, engineering, inspection and technical activities;
– Consultancy in the areas of architecture, engineering, inspection and techniques;
– Certified Real Estate Appraisals
– Energetic certification

Website access and registration

The customer of this service guarantees that he is of legal age (18 years of age or older) and guarantees that all data provided to Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda is true and complete and, when necessary, must update the initial data. Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda reserves the right to cancel the service, at any time and without prior notice, if it detects irregularities in the information provided by the customer.

When using the website architecture Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda

Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda does not guarantee that the service will be free of errors and non-conformities. The Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda architecture services website was developed to be integrated into third-party platforms and systems, such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Google pages, subject to their policies and conditions. Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda is not responsible for any changes that occur in these Policies and Conditions and that influence the proper functioning of the Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda platform.


Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda manages this website with the aim of improving public access to information about the services identified therein. Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda wants this information to be updated and rigorous and will seek to correct all errors that are communicated to it. Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety, legality or lawfulness, including compliance with the rules regarding copyright and related rights, regarding the content, products or services contained in this website that have been provided by others. organizations, advertisers or partners.

Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda cannot guarantee that a document available on this site exactly reproduces an officially adopted text. Therefore, only the version of the acts published in the Diário da República is considered authentic.


All services on arqtledo.pt include support through the help center for placing and clarifying doubts to the following email: geral@arqtledo.pt

Change of terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Service may be updated by Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda without prior notice. The customer should consult them regularly to stay informed. Only use this service if you agree with the Terms and Conditions of Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute with Teresa Ledo Arquitectos, lda, the client may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity (RAL) for consumption.

For more information, consult the  Consumer Portal or CNPD