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The consulting service is an excellent solution for those looking for punctual, practical and creative answers, quickly and affordably. With our service you can clarify doubts, obtain ideas, technical information and/or guidance on subjects as diverse as licensing, legalization, costs, coatings, finishes, furniture, colors, lighting, decoration, among others.
The biggest advantage of the consulting service is being in daily contact with internal procedures, having greater knowledge of informal aspects, having greater access to people and interest groups, in addition to participating in the evaluation and control of the process inherent to the work. A consultant has a certain informal power that can facilitate his work and make it viable.

Our team will help you save time, money and problems, through the knowledge acquired through practical cases, and, given the vast experience in the area of ​​urban planning in the districts of Setúbal, Beja and Évora, we have a lot of experience in the area.

Request a service of analysis of the land you intend to acquire or build, in relation to the, now available, Local Master Plan of Grândola.

Before making your investment, have a more thorough analysis of the land.

Avoid future problems.

The topographic survey is usually the first step to take when it comes to architectural projects. It is this process that makes it possible to identify all the characteristics of a land, ensuring that the entire project is carried out correctly, without errors or serious accidents.

According to the Urban Regulation published in the Diário da República of February 22, 2016, the topographic survey is mandatory for any implementation of urban planning operations, and must respect the rules set out in the same regulation.

If you are thinking of buying land or building a house on your own land, you must ensure that the topographic survey is carried out. If you need, we are happy to carry out the topographic survey of your land, ensuring that your project meets its characteristics.

Certified Real Estate Appraisals

Specialties in real estate appraisals.

The valuation of real estate property has the main objective of estimating its value and, among other purposes, can have the sharing of the assets of an inheritance, the purchase or sale of real estate, mortgage financing in the purchase or construction of a property, the economic study of an investment project, the calculation of compensation for expropriation, the determination of the value for tax purposes, etc.

Our team is qualified to carry out any type of real estate appraisal, and a very complete report will always be presented, detailing all the aspects considered in the appraisal.

All the procedures used in our reports are in accordance with the requirements of the CMVM Regulation Law No. 153/2015 of 14 September, which governs the Evaluation Criteria and Expert Appraisers of Investment Fund properties.

Our technicians use the assessment methods appropriate to the legal situation of the property, namely:

– Cost method
– Comparative method
– Yield Method.

A real estate appraisal depends on several factors, because the value assigned to it depends on the date the appraisal was prepared, which may change over time.

Energetic certification

Teresa Ledo Arquitectos produces Energy Certificates for residential, commercial and service buildings.

The Energy Certificate of a building/autonomous fraction of housing, commerce and services, is a document issued within the scope of the National Energy Certification System (SCE) that classifies each property in terms of its energy performance and is classified according to a pre-defined scale. In this analysis, a series of parameters are analyzed, ranging from thermal surroundings, solar orientation, areas in contact with the outside and with non-useful spaces, air conditioning and DHW production equipment.

Energy Certificates can only be issued by experts duly certified by ADENE, the managing body of the Building Energy Certification System. The Energy Certification of buildings allows characterizing their thermal and energy performance, being a mandatory process in the conclusion of contracts of sale or lease of real estate, as well as in the promotion of these with the promoters and intermediaries. In the event of non-compliance, the fines can range from €250.00 to €3,740.00 in the case of singular person and from €2,500.00 to €44,890.00 in the case of collective groups.

How does Energy Certification work?

  • Scheduling the visit
  • Visit to the property for data collection and collection of all necessary documents

What documents are needed?

  • Owner details *
  • Property plan
  • Building book * (Obtained from
  • Land registry certificate * (Obtained from
  • User License
  • Housing data sheet
  • Information on technical systems, frames or insulation.
  • Trade and Services – Characteristics of lighting systems and energy-consuming equipment.
    *Mandatory documents

The energy certificate can be applied to existing buildings or to new buildings, with different characteristics and needs.

Existing Buildings
In existing buildings, the energy certificate provides information on measures to improve energy performance and indoor air quality, with economic viability, that the owner can implement to reduce their energy costs and simultaneously improve the energy efficiency of the property.

New Buildings
Energy certification makes it possible to prove the correct application of the thermal regulations and indoor air quality in force for the building, namely the obligation to install renewable energy systems, as well as obtain information on their energy performance.

Architecture and Engineering

Teresa Ledo Arquitectos has a multidisciplinary and highly competent team to prepare Architectural, Engineering and Design Projects for all types of constructions and works.

In addition to guaranteeing the project on paper, with all the technical specifications, sketches, plans and models, we also solve the bureaucratic details with city council licenses and necessary technical opinions, as well as supervise the execution of the works, especially to guarantee the control of costs and the compliance with deadlines.

We are able to give three-dimensional shapes to all the needs, demands and dreams of our customers, applying creative and innovative solutions, after careful technical analysis and all previous studies, with the mission of contributing to improve the quality of life of those who come to us and/or to increase the capital gains of your investments or business.

Our area of ​​activity and competence revolves around the following Specialty and Infrastructure Projects:

  • Reinforced concrete, pre-stressed, metal and wood structures.
  • Water distribution.
  • Drainage of domestic, industrial and rainwater wastewater.
  • Gas distribution.
  • Electricity distribution.
  • Telecommunications and IT (ITED / ITUR) and home automation.
  • Fire risk safety, emergency plans and self-protection measures (MAP).
  • Detection and surveillance systems.
  • Thermal behavior and acoustic behavior.
  • Building air conditioning energy systems.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Safety and health in project and work.

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