Certified Real Estate Evaluations

Teresa Ledo is qualified to officially provide any kind of Real Estate Valuation. The valuation will be a detailed document, mentioning all considered aspects of the estimated product.

The valuations are certified by the CMVM (Commercial Board of Real Estate Values), with register nº PAI/13/0099.

All procedures used in the valuation document are applied according stated in the Regulations of following CMVM Law n.º 153/2015 of 14 of September confirming the criteria of Valuation and  Expert Valuators of Investment Properties.


The valuation methods are adequate according the legal status of the property:

  • Cost Method
  • Comparative Method
  • Profit Method

A Real Estate Valuation depends on various factors, the value contributed is valid for the date on which the valuation was elaborated, due to possible change within the passing of time.

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